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The most beautiful photoshoot locations in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria, with its diverse landscapes and stunning natural beauty, offers countless opportunities for breathtaking photoshoots. Whether you’re looking for serene beaches, dramatic mountains, or charming villages, this island has it all. Here are some of the most beautiful photoshoot locations in Gran Canaria:

  1. Maspalomas Dunes
    The Maspalomas Dunes are one of the most iconic and picturesque locations on the island. This natural reserve features vast sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a desert-like landscape right next to the ocean. The contrast between the golden sands and the blue sea makes for stunning photographs, especially at sunrise or sunset when the light is soft and golden.
  2. Roque Nublo
    Roque Nublo, a massive volcanic rock formation, is one of the highest points on the island and offers panoramic views of Gran Canaria. The hike to the top is an adventure in itself, and the reward is a breathtaking 360-degree view that is perfect for landscape photography. The dramatic scenery and unique rock formations make it a must-visit spot for any photoshoot.
  3. Puerto de Mogán
    Known as “Little Venice,” Puerto de Mogán is a charming fishing village with colorful houses, narrow canals, and beautiful bougainvillea-covered balconies. The picturesque streets and vibrant atmosphere provide a perfect backdrop for romantic and lifestyle photoshoots. The marina and beach area also offer stunning views and photo opportunities.
  4. Las Canteras Beach
    Located in the capital city of Las Palmas, Las Canteras Beach is one of the best urban beaches in Europe. The long stretch of golden sand, clear turquoise waters, and lively promenade make it an ideal location for beach photoshoots. The nearby Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and the natural reef that protects the beach add unique elements to the scenery.
  5. Agaete Valley
    The Agaete Valley, with its lush greenery, terraced fields, and traditional whitewashed houses, offers a different side of Gran Canaria. This fertile valley is perfect for nature and rural photoshoots, capturing the island’s agricultural heritage and stunning landscapes. The nearby Puerto de las Nieves, with its rocky coastline and natural pools, also provides beautiful photo opportunities.
  6. Teror
    Teror is a historic town known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and charming streets. The Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine, with its impressive facade and beautiful interior, is a highlight of the town. The traditional Canarian balconies and colorful buildings create a picturesque setting for cultural and architectural photography.
  7. Guayadeque Ravine
    The Guayadeque Ravine is a hidden gem that offers a unique and tranquil setting for photoshoots. This deep ravine is home to cave dwellings, ancient rock carvings, and lush vegetation. The combination of natural beauty and cultural heritage makes it a fascinating location for capturing the essence of Gran Canaria.


Gran Canaria is a photographer’s paradise, offering a wide range of stunning locations for every type of photoshoot. From the dramatic dunes of Maspalomas to the charming streets of Teror, each spot has its own unique charm and beauty. Whether you’re planning a professional photoshoot or just looking to capture some beautiful memories, these locations are sure to provide the perfect backdrop for your photos.

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